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IO.Energy Ecosystem Kick Off

On Feb 21, we successfully celebrate the kick-off of the IO.Energy Ecosystem facilitated by Elia, Fluvius, ORES, RESA, Sibelga & operated by Co.Station.

Thank you for those who attend the Kick-Off.

We hope you enjoyed it and left invigorated, inspired, & enthusiastic by open innovation!


IO.Energy Ecosystem in a nutshell

The IO.Energy Ecosystem is built to facilitate the development of new energy services by market parties to drive the power system towards consumer centricity.

The IO.Energy Platform

The IO.E Platform is an “Open and Secured Real-Time Communication Platform”. This platform will ensure secured direct routing and exchange of information (e.g. consumption/injection at access points & market signals) between authenticated energy actors, ranging from market parties and system operators to the consumers themselves.

Enabling information exchange in real time will create the foundation of a system where the consumer will have access to a vast offer of competitive energy services that are tailored to their needs.

The IO.Energy Ecosystem

The IO.E Ecosystem is an open innovation ecosystem to:

Share knowledge and boost innovation in the energy world

Create the environment to build, test and learn from new energy applications for consumers and new digital tools for a more efficient system operation

It is an ecosystem built and facilitated by system operators for market parties to develop the energy services of tomorrow. These services, the consequent digital tools and market design elements will be developed in an iterative and progressive approach from ideation to sandboxing, through demonstration towards industrialization.

Theses development stages can be described as the following:

Step 1 | Ideation

During a period of 2 months, in which 5 ideation workshops will be facilitated for all subscribed members of the Ecosystem, the participants will validate use case problem statements and ideas. They will end these 2 months with a first set of validated hypothesizes and a first validation of a feasible business model of these use cases.

Step 2 | Sandboxing

Working in an agile way, where small groups of the ecosystem partners work together to build a part of or a complete “use case” through 3 to 6 months development cycles focused on technology, and value creation validation.

Step 3 | Demonstration

Once the technology and the consumer value is proven, a large scale test will be started. A demonstration where energy service providers will give access to multiple energy services under specific conditions for a period of 12 to 18 months.

Step 4 | Industrialisation

Once the technology is proven, regulation is ready and market traction is validated, the industrialization of a new energy service will be supported.

To materialize consumer centric energy services, the IO.Energy Ecosystem will be operated pursuing three objectives:

Build a playground to ensure co-creation among ecosystem partners by providing processes, support and expertise dedicated to energy services development.

Ensure an “ideal” representation of frontrunners and keep balance between theirs and the ecosystem interest.

Promote the ecosystem partners development and results by creating the communication content & channels towards the outside world.

Which type of participant of the IO.E Ecosystem do you want to be?

Two packages with different engagement levels are proposed in the IO.E Ecosystem:



  • – Access to community events
  • – Access to use case takeaways and lessons learned
  • – Networking opportunities


  • – Fulfil eligibility criteria
  • – Agree to general rules applicable to participants
  • – Support the creation of the ecosystem



  • – All MegaWatt benefits
  • – Coaching for design sprint program from ideation to use case
  • – Access to ecosystem services


  • – All MegaWatt commitments
  • – Resource availability for active participation to ideation process
  • – Physical attendance to workshops until end of Ideation phase

How to join the IO.Energy Ecosystem?

Subscribe and adthere to the IO.Energy Ecosystem Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct which will be provided to the eligible participants. The Rules of Engagement are to include:

1 | Engagement Level

Participants are required to assist in building and developing the IO.Energy Ecosystem as MegaWatt or GigaWatt participant.

2 | Support

The IO.E Ecosystem will be supported by an IO.Energy Board (composed by system operators), an Expert Board (composed of neutral multidisciplinary experts) and an and Ecosystem Execution Team (ensuring day to day operations).

The support is designed to foster and promote open innovation within the ecosystem.

3 | Use case partnership arrangements

Availability of specialized experts to move from ideation to a complete “sandboxed” use case, with arrangements to be made between Use Case participants in respect of purpose, scope and timing of collaboration, contributions, ownership of intellectual property and exit arrangements.

4 | Code of conduct

All participants are expected to behave in an honest and ethical manner in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Code of Conduct to establish basic interaction principles.

For all questions in regard to the IO.Energy Ecosystem, please contact:

Chief Innovation Officer ・ Co.Station
info@ioenergy.eu | +32 (0) 496 59 23 05